The Characters

Thrax Forder

Thrax Forder is a billionaire and a private astronaut in his late thirties. He was educated at the best private schools in Britain and studied science and maths to ensure that he reached his goal of being an astronaut. Having worked hard to qualify as a Fighter Pilot in the Royal Air Force, he rose through the ranks in the RAF based on his flying abilities and his hard work. He also boxed for the RAF and has always been vain about his well toned body. When he reached the rank of Squadron Leader he was told that he would not be eligible for a role in the European Space Agency because the RAF wanted him as a senior officer.

Thrax left the RAF and spent his family inheritance building his own space shuttle that he hoped to use to ferry high class space tourists to the orbiting space hotel and eventually to the moon. However, so far, the only work he can get is delivering supplies to the scientific outpost on the moon. His family want the loan back and there is not enough work to cover the costs of operating his company: Millennium Space Travel.

His friends call him ‘Tee’.

Quotes from Thrax:

“I love Mexico for two things, their food and their women, but not in that order.”

“It’s all about supply and demand honey, and you made it clear that you won’t supply, so I aint demanding.”

“Ah, American humour, a classic oxymoron!”

“Next you’ll be accusing me of ironing my own shirts!”

“Listen; I can design, build and fly a spaceship, we call that ‘rocket science.’ I leave the detective work to the less gifted.”

Taeko Yamaguchi

Miss Taeko Yamaguchi is a Japanese-American whom Thrax employs as his personal assistant and business manager. Taeko is fluent in many languages; an excellent negotiator; beautiful; and brilliant at running the business. She had Japanese parents but an American grandfather and was educated in America. Thrax appointed Taeko despite her not being the best looking candidate for the role; he considers her attractive but fails to see the stunning beauty that others always remark on.

Thrax keeps giving her pay rises to retain her in her post as he recognises her talent and appreciates her strong Japanese work ethic. Taeko Yamaguchi is naturally polite and helpful, but she has learned that Thrax needs a firm hand to make him do anything. This is difficult for a woman who is typically humble, however she makes the effort to organise Thrax in the best way possible by being hard on him when necessary. Taeko’s goal is to be the perfect employee by being whatever type of person required to get the job done. Taeko drives a Lexus sports car that Thrax bought her as a bonus on her birthday.

Jim Brandt

A pilot and at 6 foot 5 inches, he towers above Thrax, and he has a big deep voice and a broad southern accent. He claims to be from Virginia. He never swears as he is a very committed Christian.

Quotes from Jim:

“In space, we don’t have politics, cold wars or cheating at cards.”

“Typical British humour, all sarcasm and no humour.”

“Hey Thrax, you’re looking back to normal again, I should go tell all the women on the base to go back into red alert!”

Jon Browne

Jon Browne is an tall handsome African-American and is initially introduced to Thrax as a NASA employee. However, it soon becomes apparent that Jon is not really a scientist and he believes that Thrax is also working undercover as a government agent. Thrax does not trust Jon any more than Jon trusts him and Thrax is worried that if he assists Jon Browne he may just get into even more dangerous situations.


One of the most expensive and advanced robots commercially available. He is ccapable of walking, running, climbing stairs and doing a variety of household tasks from laundry to taking messages and carrying heavy objects. Thrax had planned some clever name for Isaac, until he had read that the name ‘Asimo’ had nothing to do with the writer, Asimov; Thrax had then decided on Isaac just because he could.

Isaac can remotely activate some of the Foxy Lady’s controls, but only if specifically asked to do so by Thrax. Isaac is not capable of doing anything on his own initiative. Isaac is just a robot who follows instructions based on the firmware and software programmed into his circuits and any verbal orders given to him. But is there more to this little droid than meets the eye?

FBI Special Agent Johnson

An older man impeccably dressed in a sharp black suit, black tie and white shirt. Although he keeps appearing at various meetings he hardly ever speaks and nobody seems to know much about him. A full background check would show that his first name is Robert and that he has worked for the FBI for over 25 years. He currently works on special assignments and the details of these assignments are classified. He has not made an arrest in almost fifteen years.

Carl Parker

A ginger haired Englishman with a moustache and a sharp thin face. He works for Perkins Engines and he and his crew are mainly based in Dubai where they maintain and repair the Foxy Lady. Carl is a perfectionist who likes to ensure that the ship looks as good as new every time it launches into space.

The American

He is only ever known as ‘The American’ or simply as ‘The Man’. The mysterious head of a terrorist organisation known as Starburst. He has the body of a boy, small and thin; the face of a middle aged man, with lines around his mouth; and the eyes of an old man that has seen far too much pain and horror. He has contacts within the Chinese Triads who in turn can access their minions in the drug trade anywhere in the world. This means that The Man is powerful and dangerous and if Thrax Forder gets in his way, then he will not hesitate to kill him. Nobody knows what his true motives are except possibly his brother.


His real name has long been forgotten and everyone refers to him by his alias due to the large mole on the chin of his large face. A tall strong Chinese Mafia don; he is a Major Domo for the Triads and has contacts everywhere. He was educated at Oxford and is multi-lingual. He is a master of many martial arts and is an expert marksman and assassin. His word is law within the criminal overworld and nobody, police or criminal dares to cross him. He does not accept failure and will kill anybody that interferes in his criminal activities.